SEUNGRI Back With A Different Singing Style

– Third teaser image revealed: doleful eyes + matured look
BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI revealed a third teaser image of his new solo album ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’, which hints that he will be returning with a transformed look.
In the morning of August 14, YG Entertainment uploaded a charming third teaser image featuring SEUNGRI’s doleful eyes and a matured look on its official blog (
Along with this, SEUNGRI hinted on Facebook, “I was in search for a voice that I had never used before. From the first verse of ‘GOTTA TALK TO U’, you will see a completely different style of my singing.” This suggests that, for the last 4 years since his solo debut with ‘STRONG BABY’, he has embellished his musical talents to become a more matured musician.
His frank comment, “As a guy artist, I’d like to be a musician who can appeal to female audience,” is drawing much attention.
SEUNGRI, apart from producing the entire album, also wrote and composed every one of 6 songs.
The title song ‘GOTTA TALK TO U’ is a fast-paced by lyrical House music. Han Sa-min, who was in charge of BIGBANG’s  ‘BLUE’ ‘BAD BOY’ and ‘MONSTER’ music videos, is once again in charge of directing SEUNGRI’s latest one.
The first on the track list, ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’, is especially meaningful as other BIGBANG members, G-DRAGON and TAEYANG, helped SEUNGRI write and compose the song together.
The revealed track list is heightening the expectations of the fans with unique titles like, ‘GG BE’, ‘YOU HOOOO!!!’ and ‘COME TO MY.’
SEUNGRI, highly praised for his musical talents in 2011 for self-producing his first solo album, will be revealing another self-produced 2nd mini album online first on August 19. The album goes on sale on different on/offline music stores across South Korea on August 21.

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