‘HOT’ Response From Seungri’s R-19 Teaser Video Viewers

The R-19 teaser video revealed by BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI for his upcoming solo comeback is gaining ‘hot’ response from the viewers.

In the morning of August 16, YG Entertainment posted on its official blog YG LIFE (http://www.yg-life.com) an R-19 teaser video clip of SEUNGRI’s ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’, which is the title of his 2nd mini album and the first song on the track list.

The video clip released today does not show SEUNGRI, but portrays a male and female models with objet to depict a dreamy and alluring feel. Some of the scenes include touching a woman’s breast and taking off underwear.

YG voluntarily asked for it to be classified as R-19, so the viewers have to go through an adult authentication process. Internet users who witnessed the video commented, “SEUNGRI’s teaser is amazing!”, “it’s hot!”, “it’s gone too far” and “SEUNGRI is not an idol anymore.”

SEUNGRI is to show his matured self in terms of music, with his 2nd solo album that he self-wrote, composed and produced for the last two and a half years. SEUNGRI will be revealing his 2nd mini album ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’ online first on August 19 (Monday). The album goes on sale on different on/offline music stores across South Korea on August 21 (Wednesday).

Source: YG Life Blog


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