CL Shares She Likes to Go Hiking by Herself + Reveals Her Aegyo Filled Personality in Real Life

2NE1 guest starred with label mate Kang Seung Yoon on the August 14 broadcast of KBS 2FM’s ‘Yoon In Na’s Raise the Volume’ where they shared stories about their personal lives for the listeners.

Yoo In Na revealed, “CL shows her charismatic side on TV, but her real personality is filled with aegyo.”

CL added, “I have a lot of aegyo only for the people I’m comfortable with. The aegyo comes out naturally to the people I like.”

Meanwhile, the charismatic leader also shared that she likes to hike in her free time. She shared, “Going out isn’t the only way to have fun. There are lots of ways to have fun at the practice room or at home. I like visiting art galleries or go hiking more than going to a cafe.”

CL explained that she often goes hiking by herself because, “The members won’t go with me when I ask them so I usually go by myself dressed up in hiking gear.”

Source: Allkpop


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