Wise Words from Psy: ′Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy′


Psy′s nailed a new catchphrase for himself, and he, along with the rest of the world, sure loves it.

Ever since he pinned the line ′dress classy, dance cheesy′ on his appearance with Britney Spears on The Ellen Show, the quote has blown up all over the global web, bringing on wave after wave of posters, pictures and clips featuring the classy quote.

The Ellen Show named it its quote of the day after Psy′s appearance, and Psy himself used a poster with the quote to promote his upcoming performance for The Today Show, in a tweet which was promptly retweeted by The Today Show′s official Twitter account.

Catch more of what Psy calls his ′classy cheesy attitude′ at his performance in New York City for The Today Show on September 14, and don′t forget to ′dress classy, dance cheesy′ for the occasion yourself!

Photo credit: Psy′s Twitter
Source: enewsworld


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