G-Dragon and 2AM’s Jo Kwon Have an ‘awkward’ Conversation on Twitter


Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and 2AM‘s Jo Kwon recently held a bit of an awkward conversation on Twitter.

The conversation began when G-Dragon tweeted to his followers just minutes before the release of his EP ‘One of a Kind‘, writing, “Come here!!! GD countdown live!! 1 minute left.”

After coming across G-Dragon’s post, Jo Kwon congratulated the singer on his new album by tweeting, “Hello :-) As expected, your music and style in this album are amazing ^^ [Good luck] on your promotions.”

G-Dragon tweeted back, “Thank you Mr. Kwon! This is awkward. Fighting…lol.”

Jo Kwon: “Yes!! This is a bit…awkward… Haha. I listened to your album before going to sleep last night. It’s indeed the best, hyung! Let’s become closer~ :-) lol.”

G-Dragon: “Yes. Thanks, and when I get the chance, I’ll give you a CD. Let’s get together~!”

The conversation came to an end with Jo Kwon, saying, “Yes~!! I’ll also bring my CD. Keke. Let’s see each other then.”

Fans who saw their exchange left comments like, “G-Dragon made it more awkward,” “That was cute,” and “They should take a photo together when they do meet.”

Source: G-Dragon’s Twitter, Jo Kwon’s Twitter via Allkpop


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