Taeyang’s Older Brother, Dong Hyun Bae, Goes After T.O.P in ‘The Alumni’


Big Bang’s T.O.P has, of course, worked with fellow Big Bang member Taeyang for the last few years but T.O.P can also now say he’s worked with Taeyang’s older brother on the big screen!

It was recently revealed T.O.P had filmed for a month alongside Taeyang’s older brother, Dong Hyun Bae, for the upcoming movie The Alumni.

The film stars T.O.P as Myung Hoon who is forced to become a killer in South Korea, on the orders of North Korea, to save Kim Yoo Jung. Dong Hyun Bae will play a minor villain who harasses T.O.P.

Dong Hyun Bae’s agency shared on the role saying, “Dong Hyun Bae appears in a supporting role and finished shooting his scenes last month. [Dong Hyun Bae] was able to film his scene with ease thanks in part to shooting with his younger brother Taeyang’s fellow group member, T.O.P.”

Photo Credit: The Lamp, Ways Entertainment
Source: enewsworld


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