Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes open to working with Big Bang?

From Twitter:

Omar (of Big Bang’s Tour Band): yO GD, my brofa Travie McCoy want his Segway #MCM’d out like yours and TOP. How can we make this happen bro?
GD: hey bro. actually they specially made that for us. I don’t think have it for
Omar: oh ok. He want one made. He said he’ll pay watever. I’ll let him know wassup!! He’s a #MCM fanatic!
Taeyang: But there is one way….. featuring our song:b
Omar: =) word. That’ll be dope! . . . Let’s see. . . .

Omar: SO Travie McCoy said lets make it happen! He’ll do a feature on a song for a #MCMLimeGreen Segway! He’s dead serious. what y’all think?
Taeyang: I’m dead serious too!! Let’s do it!!!!!:)
GD: man i’m his big fan!btw,i’ll ask to mcm.and I’ll let you know later guys~lol


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