Tajinyo Members Apologize for Malicious Claims Against Tablo


Members of Tajinyo, the group that’s been making malicious claims about the validity of rapper Tablo‘s Stanford University degree, have admitted their wrongdoings.

On September 12 at Seoul’s Central District Court, Tajinyo members faced a hearing for libel and defamation of character. They stated, “We apologize to Tablo and his family. We’re also reflecting on our actions [and are sorry] for causing a social scandal. Though it’s shameless, we ask for leniency from the court.”

One member, who was put under custody after the first trial, said, “I made Tablo suffer mentally and materially. [I apologize with all my heart]. During the two months at the detention center, I regretted my past actions. I plan to delete everything I’ve posted and to withdraw from the [Tajinyo] cafe. I will not behave in a way that causes harm to others in the future.”

Another member stated, “Because high school scholarships were everything to me, I felt a sense of inferiority compared to Tablo. I will submit at the first hearing and will not interfere in Tablo’s entertainment activities.”

It’s reported that the hearing and trial process will likely conclude within a month as the appeal deadline is set for October 5.

The court commented, “It looks like the suspects will not fight, but rather admit their guilt. Many apology essays and petitions were [entered]. We’re waiting for the victim’s position on the matter and whether he’ll decide to forgive.”

Source: E-Daily via Daum
Credits & Translations: Allkpop


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