Tablo Expresses His Love for YG Entertainment


Epik High’s Tablo expressed his gratitude for YG Entertainment once again in the midst of creating new music for the new Epik High album.

On September 12, Tablo tweeted, “YG is an awesome place to be. I’ve never loved/lived music as much as I do now, here.”

Tablo is currently preparing for Epik High’s new album under YG Entertainment for the first time since all three members of the group signed with the management company.

Previously on SBS’ Strong Heart in March, Tablo revealed that YG Entertainment has been a great support for him during his time of struggles with Tajinyo (We Want the Truth from Tablo), demanding that he reveal the truth about his education.

With his wife, Kang Hye Jung, under YG Entertainment, Tablo decided to sign with the company, feeling that he belonged in that family.

Meanwhile, Tablo’s lawsuit against three Tajinyo resulted with three members sentenced to prison . The Tajinyo members appealed to the higher court.

Photo Credit: Tablo’s Twitter
Source: enewsworld


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