Seung-chan’s Diary: Osaka fan event (120910)

Today is the fan event in Osaka!! I really had fun since I love Kansai so much! Today, I did many mistakes too but it can’t be helped. I already did my best. All the staff members worked hard too..

Today, during the wrap up party, the staff said they had fun working with Seung chan. And they also said thank you to me.. Those words really made me happy compared to any other words..

Furthermore, all of the fans said the word ‘gomawo’ in Korean which means thank you to me. During the last event, there were quite many fans who cried. I like to see all of your smiles.. I don’t want to see you crying.. but it’s a bit lonely right.. the last one..

But, this is not the end. You guys know me well since you have been watching over me for the last 3 months. Because I’m the guy who definitely will do anything to accomplish something ^_^

Thanks for today. I was happy because many people came.. I’m such a lucky guy^^

Nice work Osaka! Nice work Seung chan!

Translated by marthapido

p/s: the diary date is today (10/9) but it’s about yesterday (9/9) fan event


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