Psy vs. Lee Seung Chul, the Two Different Judges of ′Superstar K4′

The September 7 broadcast of Mnet′s Wide Entertainment News compared the commentaries provided by the Superstar K4 judges, Lee Seung Chul and Psy.

In the process, the show found that even their scorching bits of advice were touching for the nervous contestants and the viewers.

From porcupine to crybaby

Lee Seung Chul, the icon of scathing comments, is a new man this season around.

The singer has been with the show ever since its first season, and became known for his sharp pointers and charisma as a musician. While he tried to find those talents that were hidden deep inside, he would always spill over with sharp words.

In the most recent season, however, these methods were nowhere to be found.

Instead of hurtful words and evil eyes, he gave his contestants warm smiles and generous reviews. He even broke down into tears at some points, bringing the viewers and contestants to relate with him.

From ′Angel Psy′ to bleeped out scoldings

Psy appeared in the third season of Superstar K3 as a temporary judge for the regional preliminaries, and at the time spilled out so much praise and hope that he was called ′Angel Psy′.

This time for the show′s fourth season, he seemed to have pulled off his angel wings and taken up the scorching base that Lee Seung Chul had left behind. “That′s not creative at all,” “You′re just not meant to be a singer, or you don′t know how to get over your weaknesses” and “Are you sure you want to become a singer?” he would say in the face of his contestants.

The scathing comments, however, only went to those challengers who were underqualified; to those who were talented, he didn′t hold back on his praise and generously presented them with acceptances.

Which method would you prefer to be confronted with if you were on Superstar K4?

Source: enewsworld


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