Noh Hong Chul’s ‘Pelvic Thrust Dance’ In Elevator of ‘Gangnam Style’ Begins to Take Off


Just when you thought you couldn’t impress any more ladies or gents at your latest shindig with Psy’s ‘horse ride dance’, it looks like we’re being rescued by Noh Hong Chul’s wild pelvic movements.

In addition to countless parodies of Gangnam Style being made many individuals all around the world have taken on their unique interpretation of Noh Hong Chul’s ‘elevator pelvic thrust dance’ with a variety of get-ups and locations being used.

One YouTube user named joho mako took the time to gather together the various parodies of Noh Hong Chul’s dance from the music video and put it together in a 3:10 clip titled, ‘Psy Gangnam Style Elevator Pelvic Thrust Dance Collection’.

Already having garnered over 100,000 views, the video is sure to get you swinging your hips too, though, we don’t recommend you do so in a public elevator by yourself anytime soon.


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