Gu Hye Sun Dyes Her Hair the Same Color as Her Dog


Gu Hye Sun loves her dog so much, she dyed her hair the same color as her dog′s fur.

The actress tweeted on September 12, ′I dyed my hair. It′s the same color as Gamja, isn′t it?′

In the photo attached to the tweet, Gu Hye Sun is shown staring at the camera with her pet dog, Gamja, and both their hair do seem to be the same golden brown.

Netizens commented, ′You look different′, ′Are you a couple with Gamja?′ and ′The same eyebrows, now the same color of hair.′

Gu Hye Sun is looking toward the premiere of her self-directed film The Peach Tree. It stars Cho Seung Woo, Nam Sang Mi and Ryu Deok Hwan, and will premiere in October.

Photo credit: Gu Hye Sun′s Twitter
Source: enewsworld


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