Psy is to Have His First Concert in America at ‘iHeartRadio Music Festival’


Psy’s staff announced to Starnews on Monday that Psy will be performing on ‘iHeartRadio Music’ festival on 21st~22nd at Las Vegas.

This festival is held by ‘American Idol’ MC Ryan Seacrest. Famous artists who ranked high on the billboard chart such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Usher, Pink, Bon Jovi, No Doubt, Lil Wayne and Pitbull will be on the stage as well.

Psy is invited by the Mc Ryan Seacrest. This will be the first concert of Psy after the ‘Gangnam Style’ syndrome.

Recently, Psy explained the lyrics of ‘Gangnam Style,’ introduced his twin babies, and the popular K-pop trend on the KISS FM radio program hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

Psy got invited to ‘iHeartRadio Music’ festival by Ryan Seacrest on the radio show. Psy replied jokingly saying “in that case, my manager is you from now on.”

Psy is having an active promotion after the ’2012 MTV VMA.’ This is for more attention from the gloabal fans he got from ‘Gangnam Style.’

Psy made a contract with Repubilc Records and Scooter Brown Project Management, marking the start of global activities.

On the other hand, Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ music video recorded more than 100 million views. This is the most views that Korean singer got only in 52 days after the release.

Source: kpopstarz


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