Se7en Wants to Drink Bubble Tea in Taiwan Again


The fan meeting tickets for Korean singer Se7en started selling yesterday (6th Sept). To Se7en who has not visited Taiwan for 6 years, he looks forward to taking photos with fans, going to the Taiwanese night markets for food, and visiting the Jiufen old street to drink tea.

At the fan meet, he will be singing ‘Come back to me’ as well as his many hits, making it almost like a concert. Last week he revealed photos of himself in the practice studio on twitter.

He has been to Taiwan a few times and remembers the passionate Taiwanese fans. Their support gave him lots of strength when he was still a newcomer. At the fan meet, besides interacting with fans at a close distance, he himself suggested to take photos with all fans which made the organisers very touched.

When Se7en came to Taiwan in the past, he visited the night markets with staff and tried many Taiwanese snacks and food. “I really miss the experience of walking freely at the markets and enjoying eating different foods.” Foods that he wants to eat the most include Xiao long bao, pineapple cake and bubble tea/pearl milk tea. The active Se7en is not afraid of putting on weight and says that “I will eat to my heart’s content before returning to Korea.”

Se7en also said that when the Korean drama ‘On Air’ which was partly filmed in Taiwan, was broadcasting in Korea, he would watch it whenever he had time. “There is a famous place in the series called ‘Jiu fen’ where the red lights come on in the evening. There are lots of snacks alot the streets and I want to experience drinking tea by the countryside and looking out at the night sky.” He says if he has time this trip, he wants to visit Jiufen.
Translation by Cecilia


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