SE7EN Photobook 2012 (First Photobook in Japan) Info

Price: 3,200 yen

This first photobook of him from Japan was shot in Japan and will also include cute photos of his childhood and his past. The photobook will also include photos of his live concert “Se7en the best” in Japan on the 16th Sept and also a making DVD which will be about 10 minutes long.

For those who preorder from now til 14th Sept and also for those who preorder on the concert day, you can receive a special ‘original jacket card’. Although you can preorder on the day as well, due to expected high volume of people, it is recommended that you preorder online first. This card can only be picked up on the concert day.

The photobook is expected to be sent out at the beginning of December.

Pre-order Se7en Photobook 2012 HERE.

Video Credits: YGEX
Source: ceciliase7en


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