Sandara Park So Lovely Smiling with Her Beautiful Eyes

Group 2NE1 member Sandara Park is shaking the male fans at the core with her smile full of aegyo.

Sandara Park posted on her Me2Day on September 5th, “Omoh, when did I smile like that? Why am I doing that? Always make me smile like this. Ak, ogeul” along with a picture. (Ogeul = an expression used in reaction to something so cheesy it makes you cringe.)

There a cute heart added on the shaved side of her head and she wears a blue track suit with little jewels. A stylist appears to be fixing Sandara Park’s beautiful hair as she smiles an irresistible smile with her right hand to her mouth. Sandara’s smile is full of aegyo as she looks slightly sideways. Sandara looks quite lovely but somehow manages to look a bit provocative at the same time.

Netizen comments on Sandara’s pictures include: “Smiling with her eyes, Sandara melts me down”, “So pretty”, “Her refreshing smile makes you smile too”, “Even her fingers are pretty”, and “We’ll always make you smile!”

Source: KpopFever


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