PSY, One Hit Wonder or Global Star Material?


PSY’s recent successes with new record labels and management deals, people are beginning to try and predict his future.

PSY recently attended the MTV Video Music Awards and was seen dancing with actor Kevin Hart. This is the second time that a Korean singer attended this event, after Rain’s attendance. If Rain was the Asian representative, PSY was there simply because of his newfound fame. This is a mere 50 days after the release of the “Gangnam Style” music video.

Even magazines like “Rolling Stone” reported on PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” choosing it as the ‘Winner of the Week.’ They acknowledged that they were a few weeks behind but they believe that it has all the elements of a so-called ‘one-hit-wonder’ like “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. It’s even more surprising because “Rolling Stone” is known to be a relatively conservative music magazine.

So PSY has officially come to the status of both ‘fame’ and ‘musical recognition.’ One insider says, “Americans might not know SM Entertainment but they know PSY.” However, it seems that PSY himself is staying humble. In one interview he says, “Only one person in a thousand recognizes me. You’re only global if 70 people recognize you.” About the VMAs, he said he was only going to see celebrities.

His continual successes is mostly due to his own unique style and contents, rather than his management’s efforts. Even though his management is YG Entertainment, one would say that YG is benefiting from PSY, not the other way around. This is totally different from what SM and JYP have been trying to do with their artists and they definitely have a reason to be envious.

For PSY, the biggest helpers have been YouTube, Twitter and other social networking websites. The video was made with the same humor codes that have been successful in America in the past. Village People’s “YMCA” and perhaps even the most recent LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and its shuffle dance are comparable. However, it’s unlikely that “Gangnam Style” will lead to a general overhaul of K-Pop into world wide fame. It’s likely that PSY, like “Rolling Stone” predicted, will be a one hit wonder.

However, there is the possibility that PSY will continue its popularity with his unique charisma and charm. He’s the type of musician that American pop culture can like. He’s not like the other girl and boy groups that have tried to break into the American market previously. He can speak English and is a generally funny guy. If he was to appear on an American talk show, he wouldn’t just be there for the performance but could probably talk about something. One cannot forget that he was also known for his live performances. If America can go wild for his live performances, it’s definitely possible that his popularity can increase. This possibility will be tested in the next two weeks, where he will be promoting himself in the States.

Source: kpopstarz


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