PSY ‘Gangnam Style’ Causing Trouble in the US?


“Gangnam Style” has caused trouble even for Americans.

At El Monte Aquatic Center, which is to northeast of Los Angeles, a group of lifeguards parodied “Gangnam Style,” and created a video of the ‘horseriding dance,’ which led to them being laid off work because they violated the center’s rules. The parody is called “Lifeguard Style.”

They posted the video on YouTube on August 26th and the video showed them dancing in the pool, on the diving platform, and on the sides of the pool. El Monte City says, “The contract stipulates that they cannot use any city property for his/her own private benefit,” and decided to fire the group. They said it was especially worse because they were all bearing the logo of the city.

The employees plan on protesting the decision and asking for their jobs back. It was when the pool was closed and they were not inconveniencing the citizens. The video did not even do any harm to the reputation of the city.

Gabriel Gonzalez, who manages the pool, says “What’s wrong with the video? It’s so confusing. I’ve worked so hard for this place.” The others said that the city overreacted to the video, which was mostly for fun.

Source: kpopstarz


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