Jung Hyung Don is Psy’s Doppelganger?


Gagman Jung Hyung Don has perfectly transformed to ‘Beijing Psy’.

On the ‘Infinity Challenge‘ aired on the 8th, the first part of ‘As I promised’ episode was broadcasted as a sequel of last month’s ‘As I Said’ episode. In order to make a parody of the “Gangnam Style” music video at a museum in Beijing, Jung Hyung Don dressed up as Psy and surprised everyone with his similarity to the singer.

HaHa, who took on the role of a producer, made a 8:2 part in Hyung Don’s hair and combed the hair back with plenty of mousse. He even made him wear a suit and sunglasses just like Psy.

Beijing Team, made up of Jung Hyung Don, HaHa, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, was given the mission to eat jjajangmyun at the Great Wall of China and film ‘Beijing Style’. The opposing team made up of Jung Joon Ho, Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, and Gil had to visit Dokdo Island and serve cold bean-soup noodles and radish noodles and make a music video for ’Dokdo Style’.

However, the plans for Dokdo Island was forced to be pushed back due to the Typhoon Bolaven. Even though they could not go to the island, the cast promised within themselves to visit later and turned back.

‘Beijing Style’ segment begins at 50:02

Picture+Source: Star-in via Nate
Credits & Translations: Allkpop


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