‘Infinity Challenge’ to Parody Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ as ‘Beijing Style’ and ‘Dokdo Style’


The reason why the Infinity Challenge cast members were mysteriously dressed in drag has been revealed.

On the upcoming episode of MBC’s Infinity Challenge the cast members will shoot a parody music video of Psy’s Gangnam Style.

The episode will be a continuation of the ‘As You Say’ special from last month and will show Jung Joon Ha and Jung Hyung Don carrying out their respective promises to eat kong guksu and yeolmu guksoo on the Dokdo Islands and to eat jja jang myun at the Great Wall of China.

In addition to their missions, the two teams will each release their own parodies of Gangnam Style, one a ‘Dokdo Style’ music video and one a ‘Beijing Style’ music video.

However, it was revealed that the Dokdo Island team encountered Typhoon Bolaven on the day of its filming and the upcoming episode will air how they decided to proceed.

The episode will air on September 8.

Photo Credit: MBC
Source: enewsworld


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