ABC on Psy, “Americans Can’t Get Enough”


‘Gangnam Style’ Syndrome created thanks to singer Psy is surprising even the American media.

Psy tweeted on September 9th, “I’m at the ABC news again~~!!” along with the video clip from the news report.

In the video clip, the news anchor reports, “Nearly a 120 million YouTube hits, countless spin-offs and parodies, it seems Americans just can’t get enough…”

The report included images from Psy’s appearance at the 2012 MTV Video Music Award on September 6th. The reporter added, “The video is currently #1 on iTunes music video chart, trotting past Taylor Swift, leaping over Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry. The unlikely, slightly chubby pop star behind the video is a 35 year old South Korean rapper. His real name is Jae Sang Park and Gangnam refers to a wealthy neighborhood in Seoul.”

ABC also reported that Psy had signed a contract with Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and they showed clips of ‘Gangnam Style’ flash mob and as well as the enthusiastic crowds at Dodger Stadium.

Image: YG Entertainment
Source: My Daily via Nate
Credits & Translations: kpopfever


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