Sean Celebrates Youngest Daughter’s First Birthday with Good Deed


Possibly the cutest family in the K-Pop world, Jinusean’s Sean celebrated the first birthday of his youngest daughter by donating money to a hospital.

On September 3, Sean wrote on his Instagram a long dedication to his fourth child, Hael, celebrating her first birthday.

Here are excerpts from his letter to his daughter:

“To my lovable little Hye Young, Hael~ It’s been a year since you came into this world. How was the year for you? After being so comfortable in Mommy’s stomach, I wonder if you struggled for a year, doing things on your own strength. ^^ Every time you went through something new, Daddy and Mommy were supporting you and really happy. So for a year, we received these happy moments from you as presents.”

“Daddy hopes that you will be like Mommy, becoming a present to other people’s lives. That’s why we had your first birthday party at the Yonsei Severance Hospital.

Just like your sister Haeum, and brothers, Harang and Hayul, we saved 20,000,000 won and helped three children with heart disease and provided a chochlear implant for a deaf baby, all in your name. These are friends who will continue in this world with you. I believe that our Hael became a small present for those friends. ^^”

“Hael, you are the final puzzle piece to complete the family that Daddy’s been dreaming of. Daddy dreamed of having a family of four children. ^^ Thank you, Hael, for coming to our family as a present. Congratulations, Hael , on your first birthday! I love you, Hael, our little Hye Young!

When you grow up and someone asks you what grabbed for your doljabi*, you can tell them, ‘I grabbed my neighbor’s hand!’ From Daddy, who loves our youngest, Hael, so much.”

Sean married actress Jung Hye Young in 2005, through the introduction of YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun Suk. The couple has had four children since then and has donated a large sum of money to charity under each child’s name on their birthdays.

*Doljabi is a Korean tradition held on a child’s first birthday, where the child grabs an object, which will predict the child’s future.

Photo Credit: Sean’s Twitter and Cyworld
Source: enewsworld


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