Gu Hye Sun Cancels Visit to Japan for ‘My Perfect Darling’


Gu Hye Sun cancelled her visit to Japan soon after the airing of the Taiwanese drama My Perfect Darling, which stars the actress, was postponed.

Japan’s Daily Sports reported on September 1, ‘The Korean actress Gu Hye Sun will not attend the DVD release event for the Taiwanese drama My Perfect Darling.’

Gu Hye Sun not only announced she was to be absent from the DVD release event to be held on September 3, but also cancelled her appearance for an event the next day, September 4. The organizers didn’t say much on the issue, saying that “Gu Hye Sun’s schedule was cancelled for many reasons.”

Previously, Japanese media outlets reported that My Perfect Darling, which was to start airing on BS Fuji from September 13, would air at a later date.

Sources from BS Fuji said it was pushed back “for time slot issues,” but some have speculated that it may be because of the statement Gu Hye Sun made regarding Dokdo in the past.

In an interview with a Korean media outlet in 2008, Gu Hye Sun criticized the Japanese government, saying, “It’s common sense that Dokdo is [Korean] property. I don’t know what the Japanese government is trying to imply.”

Photo credit: Gu Hye Sun’s Twitter
Source: enewsworld


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