Park Bom Still Loves to Eat Corn?

2NE1 member Park Bom‘s consistent love for corn was revealed through a recent picture of YG health trainer Hwangssabu‘s discouraged face after catching Bom with a corn sandwich.

The photo above appeared on an online Korean community with the title, “Park Bom and Hwangssabu“. The hungry Park Bom had tried to secretly eat a corn sandwich before 2NE1′s concert in Osaka, only to be caught by Hwangssabu.

During the past seasons of Mnet‘s ’2NE1 TV’, there were also numorous incidents where Hwangssabu caught Park Bom secretly eating corn. At one point, Hwangssabu forced Park Bom to stand in the middle of their gym room and chant, “I hate corn!”

Netizens commented on the hilarious photo with, “Park Bom seriously loves corn“, “Hwangssabu’s expression is too cute“. and “She is seriously a corn maniac.”

Source + image via Naver
Credits & Translations: Allkpop


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