Seungri cast in Japanese drama special “Kindaichi Case Files”

Seungri has been cast in the latest drama special of Kindaichi Case Files entitled “The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case” that is set to air on NTV Japan this winter.

The special 2-hour drama features Yamada Ryosuke of Japanese idol group Hey! Say! Jump, who will play the lead role of detective Kindaichi Hajime, Taiwanese stars Wu Chun and Vivian Hsu, Hong Kong’s Eric Tsang, and Seungri from Korean group Big Bang. Popular Japanese actor from “Rookies”, Kiritani Kenta, will also be making an appearance.

Seungri will be playing the role of Kim Rondon (or Ryongdong), a student from Korea who works part-time at a hotel in Hong Kong. A murder happens at the hotel during a fashion show and Seungri will be included in the list of suspects.

Commenting on being cast, he said: “This is my first appearance in a Japanese drama! I’m very honored and pleased about it.”

He added, “Kindaichi Case Files is famous as a manga and drama series. I’m nervous to act with international stars. I want to do my best and I hope the filming will be fun. Please treat me kindly.”

According to reports, first half of the filming will take place in Hong Kong mid-September and the rest will be in Japan.

The series was last shown 7 years ago as a drama special in September of 2005.

Info on the other characters:
Vivian Hsu – fashion designer
Wu Chun – police detective
Eric Tsang – the man who once ruled Kowloon aka “Kowloon’s Emperor”.
Kiritani Kenta – promoter of the fashion show
Arioka Daiki – Kindaichi’s junior

Here’s Seungri’s character from the manga:

Sources: Marthapido + Yomiuri + Hochi Yomiuri, Oricon Style + Sports Hochi via Jpopasia, Doramaworld, Tokyohive, DCVI, Official Website of the Drama


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