2NE1 Does Yoga Poses With Master Hwang…’Self Maintenance’

Girl group 2NE1 showed comic yoga poses.

YG Entertainment physical trainer, Master Hwang wrote on his Twitter on Sunday, “2NE1 be first,” along with a picture.

In the picture, 2NE1 is seen linking arms with Master Hwang and are bending their knees. It is the pose that helps build elasticity in the thigh line, and is garnering much interest.

Their cute facial expressions also left an impression. Park Bom is looking into the camera while smiling. She has her legs spread far and making people laugh. CL puckered her lips and showed an expresison that had a hint of cuteness. Gong Minzy and Dara showed off their chic charm with blank expressions.

Internet users who saw the picture commented, “Park Bom’s pose is silly,” “No one can stop Master Hwang,” “CL is a cutie,” and “When is 2NE1 having their comeback?”


Source: kpopstarz

Photo Credit: Master Hwang Twitter


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