Sandara Park Reveals, “We will be your umbrella.”

2NE1’s Sandara Park uploaded a picture that revealed her consideration towards her fans.

On the afternoon of September 1, Sandara uploaded a picture on her Me2day with the caption, “The shining and bright sky begun to rain cats and dogs two hours before the concert. I always feel sorry for the fans… Getting all wet. All we can do is letting you in a little earlier, and show us an enthusiastic performance. We will be your umbrella.

In the picture, Sandara is holding an umbrella on stage. After hearing about a heavy rain before the concert in Osaka, Japan, Sandara decided to be their umbrealla.

Her fancy style attracted attention. By brushing her hair to one side, her shaved head stood out and her semi-smoky makeup revealed her womanly charms.

Netizens commented: “The umbrella looks huge.” “You are so considerate Sandara.” “So cute.” “I guess there is a heavy rain in Japan?”

2NE1 will be holding concerts in Japan’s Osaka(September 1-2), Nagoya(September 7-8), Yokohama(September 11-12), and Saitama(September 28-29).



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