Seung-chan’s Diary: Seung-chan of Karakuri TV (120830)

I was here! I was here!!

I appeared on Sanma-san’s Karakuri TV! Last time, we appeared together on Kama Sawagi show. So cool!

The staff members around were even more nervous than me! But Sanma-san is definitely just like me! He came to know all about my style and guided me so I’m really happy.

Today, during the recording, he praised me by saying, “VI, your energy is increasing rapidly. However, you still have long way to go.”

I’m working hard alone in Japan and to be able to appear in many shows along with famous entertainers, I’m so happy.. and I’m having fun. Up until now, through my activities, I’ve made friends with many people and I’ve come to like many entertainers.

And there are many shows that I want to go appear in again.


My activities in Japan are about to end soon.. I’ve been thinking about this lately and can’t fall asleep at night.. I’ve come to really like it here.. I can’t even imagine how hard it will be when the real ending comes..

But the time has been decided.. It feels lonely somehow.. A farewell that’s been planned..

Nice work for today too, everyone..

Translated by Marthapido @ Tumblr
Photo from VIPchica via DCVI


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