G-Dragon Voluntarily Rates His New Song R: “Why?”


Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently attracted a lot of attention by voluntarily rating his new song, “That XX,” restricted.

On August 29, YG Entertainment reported that G-Dragon’s new song, “That XX,” which will be released on September 1, is rated R.

At 9:00 a.m., YG put a R-rated mark on the promotional poster of “That XX” and uploaded it on its official blog.

According to YG, G-Dragon will voluntarily request the Korea Media Rating Board and all online music sites to rate “That XX” restricted. It’s increasing music fans’ curiosity about the content of the song.

A spokesperson for G-Dragon says, “Whether or not songs or albums need to be rated R is usually decided by the Korea Media Rating Board after they’re released. It’s very unusual that a singer voluntarily make a request to rate his songs restricted.”

The music video of “One Of A Kind,” G-Dragon’s new song released on August 24, received over 6.7 million hits in only three days.

Source: Starnews
Credits & Translations: korea.com


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