Sandara Park, Flower Workout Clothes This Time?


Girl group 2NE1 Sandra Park’s flower print workout clothes are becoming an issue.

Yesterday, Sandra Park posted on her me2day, “This is the new flower workout outfit that I bought in New York. It looks good on me, right? This is so my style. I love Jeremy Scott. The title of the picture is the beauty of margins. It’s a phrase I learned in JaeJu. The technique of keeping one side completely empty. Wow.” along with a picture.

She continued, “I have some connections in LA so many guests will be visiting me today. I want to see them already. I haven’t seen some of them in a long time. One hour before our concert are you ready? I’m ready. Let’s go 2NE1! Our concert is sold out today. Thank you.”

Her fancy outfit was most eye-catching. She was wearing blue adidas outfit that has flower prints all over. She also wore yellow sneakers that had teddy bears attached to them.

Her hair and makeup were also impressive. She pushed all of her hair to the other side, accentuating her half-shaved head.

Internet users who saw this commented, “This is less shocking than the teddy bear pants” and “Only Sandra Park could pull this off.”

Photo Credit: Sandra Park Me2day via kpopstarz


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