2NE1 Wows The Audience With a Night to Remember


2NE1 proves why they are the well-respected femme fatales of K-Pop from a night to remember at the Nokia Theater

2NE1 successfully completed their LA stop for the 2NE1 New Evolution World Tour. And it was a night to remember for Blackjacks, 2NE1 fans, and concert-goers alike.

The concert started with the heart-thumping “I Am The Best”, quickly followed by “Fire.” CL, then, welcomed the crowd at the Nokia Theatre saying it was the first time they have been to Los Angeles, and is hoping for the crowd to be looking forward to a great show.

2NE1, then carried on with the next songs in their repertoire — “Clap Your Hands” and “I Don’t Care.” They completed the dance set with “Don’t Stop The Music.”

CL, then impressed the crowd with her DJing skills. Mixing songs from Cindi Lauper, Madonna and Rihanna.

After CL’s splendid performance, Bom takes the stage with a powerful rendition of “You and I.”

The whole group then took the stage again with their cheerleader routine and costumes with “Try to Follow Me,” after which they transitioned to CL and Minzy’s duo performance of “Please Don’t Go” before the group again performed with “Pretty Boy.”

Not to be left behind, Dara also impressed with her solo performance, wherein she tried to ask the audience for a volunteer guy to come up on stage before she went on ahead to sing “Kiss.” In the intermission before the next number, Dara invited the audience to get together with their partners, kiss them and dance. During this time, the audience was being projected onto the big screens.

2NE1 then reappeared, in their trench coat dresses, marking a change to slow music. Proving their vocal ranges, they performed “It Hurts” and “Lonely”. For the “Lonely” portion of the concert, 2NE1 interacted with the audience who was giving them a tribute in a sea of white glow sticks.

After slowing down and belting it out with the ballads, the pace picked up again as 2NE1 performed different musical styles by way of “In the Club”, “Stay Together” and “I Love You.”

After a short intermission, 2NE1 then continued the party with “Ugly.” Bringing the concert hall to fever pitch, they then performed “Let’s Go Party” followed by “Scream” and “Hate You.”

These phenomenal women then set on to leave a memorable mark with the last two songs of the concert, “Go Away” and “Can’t Nobody.”

As they went backstage, the crowd couldn’t get enough and kept chanting their name “2NE1″ and asking for more. A diamond ring set was then visible on stage after the drum beats that brought the curtains up. With that, 2NE1 came back out for their encore with the makeshift slide sets on the stage singing “I Don’t Care.”

As they finished interacting with the crowd, CL thanks the crowd for their support and also shows their gratitude for the people who made an awesome night possible, and the confetti fell as strains of “I Am The Best” began. Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas, 2NE1′s mentor and friend, then also appeared on the stage together with his member apl.de.ap. The 2NE1 girls were so happy with their presence with them on stage.

For a concert that started with people lining up as early as 10 AM from different parts of the country, with a flash mob organized by passionate K-Pop fans, and with a very active crowd inside the concert hall, it was all worth it. In the end, concertgoers were overheard saying they had a wonderful time. 2NE1 really made this night one to remember for everyone.

Source: kpopstarz


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