2NE1′s Key to Success in the International Music Market


K-Pop idol group 2NE1 took Los Angeles by storm during their concert at the Nokia Theater. It was clearly apparent that the fans who were present at the concert were a group of people with various different cultural backgrounds. Even though a significant number of fans couldn’t speak Korean, they knew most of the lyrics to 2NE1′s songs and showed a lot of interest in other K-Pop music.

Angelita, a local fan, couldn’t hide her excitement as she explained how she had been waiting by the doors since 6AM on the day of 2NE1′s concert. When Angelita was asked why she loves 2NE1 and their music, she replied, “It’s different. Not as sexual, not as violent as American mainstream music.”

Morgan, another fan from Phoenix, Arizona revealed similar thoughts regarding 2NE1 and their music. She commented, “2NE1 has a different image from most artists in either Korea or America – it’s strong and interesting, and I like it.”

The music industry is famous for being competitive, especially the market in the United States for Korean or any other foreign artists. This is so, because once an artist becomes successful in the United States, there is high probability that they will also be met with open arms in the global music industry. In order to survive in the global music industry, one must break the mold and show the world something they have never seen before.

As the Economist mentioned recently, global expansion is critical to any Hallyu artist or group. Although it seems as though 2NE1 has surpassed this difficulty since they are already so famous globally, they must continue being true to themselves. 2NE1 will need to remain different and unique to survive in this competitive market.

Judging by their versatile performances at their concert in Los Angeles however, 2NE1 seems to have no problems being original and unique. CL, Minzy, Bom and Dara of 2NE1 are currently at the “top of K-Pop” and show absolutely no signs of defeat.

Source: kpopstarz


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