Se7en reveals an album jacket photo from his upcoming ‘Se7en the Best’ album

In celebration of ‘Se7en Day’, soloist Se7en has released an album jacket photo for his upcoming ‘Se7en the Best‘ album release.

On August 24th, he wrote, “On the lunar calendar, today is 7/7. To celebrate ‘Se7en Day’ on the lunar calendar, I’ll release one album jacket cut. SE7EN THE BEST.”

Se7en will be releasing a 30-track best of album in Japan on September 5th. Dressed in a navy blue suit against a matching navy and white backdrop, the album jacket cut shows a neat yet charismatic side to the singer, proving that he doesn’t need much to look his best.

Netizens commented, “Se7en’s so sexy”, “Is his album concept about flowers?”, “He looks like he’s lost more weight”, “He matches suits well”, and “Looking forward to his best album”.

Source + Photos: Se7en’s Official Twitter


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