[me2DAY] 120824 DARA: “It looks good, right? Exactly my (style)!!!”

뉴욕에서 새로 득템한 상큼꽃무늬 츄리닝입은 디다스 모델의 위엄ㅋ 잘 어울리죠? 딱 내꺼야!!!+.+ I love Jeremy Scott!!! ^.^ 사진의 제목은 “여백의 미..”ㅋㅋ제주도 출사 갔을때 배운거에요~ 이렇게 한쪽은 텅~ 비워두는…그런 기술ㅋㅋㅋ와우!

The majestic didas (T/N: Adidas) model from New York wearing a new special fresh flower printed tracksuit ke It looks good, right? Exactly my (style)!!!+.+ I love Jeremy Scott!!! ^.^ The title of the photo is “Beauty of blankness/emptiness..” keke It’s something I learnt when we went to Jeju Island~ Leaving half of the photo like this~ completely empty… This sort of technique kekeke Wow!

Source: Dara’s me2DAY
Translated by cathleehuynh@YGLadies.com


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