me2day (120823) DARA : “Confirmed our concerts for November!”

We have confirmed our concerts for november! Indonesia(Jakarta),Malaysia(Kuala lumpur) and Singapore! Here we come!!! See u there! We love you!!! ^.^

TAGS: I want to go to more places for the tour, NE Concert fighting!

11월달 뉴에콘 투어 소식! 인도네시아, 말레이시아, 싱가폴 투어가 확정됐어요!^_^ 올해 내생일은 어느 나라에서 보내려나?!? 특히 인도네시아랑 말레이시아는 처음 가는거라 더 설레이네요! 세군데 다 많은 블랙잭이 있는걸로 알고잇는데 기대기대!+.+ 알라뷰~!!!

News for NEWECON tour in November! The tour stops in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore has been confirmed!^_^ Which country will I be sent to for my birthday?!? Especially since it’s our first time going to Indonesia and Malaysia, I’m very excited! I know that there are lots of Blackjacks in all 3 countries Excited Excited!+.+ I love you~!!!

Source: Dara’s me2DAY 1 | 2

Translated by nyldeabcd @YGLadies


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