A Collection of Sweet, Cute, & Funny Anecdotes about 2NE1 that you might not have heard before

Blackjacks mostly stay updated about our lovely four through their me2DAYs, Tweets, and official news from press. Fanaccounts or random anecdotes of our girls’ in Korea are rare to find and read about. NetizenBuzz recently translated a collection of 2NE1 anecdotes that a fan compiled and posted on most likely, NATE Pann. Note that these events are not recent- they have been accumulated over the years.

Check out these sweet, cute & funny stories of 2NE1 that you might or might not have heard of before!

1. A fan caught Bom with a group of other people waiting to cross the street. She approached her for an autograph right when the signal turned to walk. Everyone in Bom’s party was crossing the street and they were calling out to her angrily telling her to hurry up and cross, but Bom stayed behind and finished her autograph for the fan. She waited for the next light to cross.

2. When CL was coming home from her vacation in France, fans spotted Dara waiting at the airport with a piece of paper that had ‘Poodoong’ written on it, which is her nickname for CL because her hands are chubby. CL started laughing the minute she saw it.

3. A fan asked CL to remember her and told her her name and everything. The next time she went to see her, she was wearing a hat. When she asked if she knew who she was, CL crouched to see her face under her hat and rememered her name.

4. At an encore stage at a YG family concert, CL picked up a slogun a fan had thrown onto the stage floor. It was Se7en’s so she looked around trying to find him but she couldn’t so she put it right back where she found it.

5. Another fan spotted CL at a popular hangout and called her out saying she had a present for her. She gave her a placard that had Big Bang written on it and CL said, “This isn’t mine!” and gave it back to her.

6. Seungri and Minzy went to the Han river to go for a jog but Seungri ended up leaving Minzy there and came home by himself ㅋㅋㅋ

7. A truck tried to drive by the broadcast hall one day and Minzy came running out shouting “Dad!!!!” in front of all of her fans. Fans were touched to see that she wasn’t embarrassed at her age and with so many people around her.

8. At a YG concert, Bom picked up a placard that had her name and two pictures of her on it. She ran around and found Dara and started showing it off to her. Dara looked like she was really jealous until Bom walked around and found another placard that hadDara’s pictures and name on it. She then ran around again trying to find Dara to give it to her ㅋㅋ

9. It always rains on the day of 2NE1′s first public broadcast comeback so fans that attend the music shows get really frustrated but joke around saying that it’s because 2NE1′s always busting holes through the roof with their all kills.

10. Dara and Minzy gifted all their fans waiting for them at the airport with chocolate and pastries.

11. Managers are really strict with fans at airports and don’t allow for any autographs for safety reasons. Minzy will wait until she gets in the van and then ask her managers for paper so she can hand out autographs to everyone who came.

12. Dara was chatting with people in the official fancafe. When it came time for her to leave, she said, “Good night! ^.^ Bbyong~ zoom~!” but stayed in the chat for a few minutes without leaving. Then she asked, “Wait, how do I leave this?” Fans told her to just press the X at the top ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

13. Back when the girls had Cyworlds, Bom‘s most listened to artist was B2ST, Dara‘s MBLAQ, and Minzy’s Yiruma.

Credits: NetizenBuzz.blogspot.sg
Article by: staff@YGLadies.com


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