Seungri’s Interview on Blenda Magazine (Sept 2012 Issue)

Q: It’s your first time to Blenda, what’s your take on the trendy Blenda woman?
V.I: (as he reads Blenda) Everyone looks really pretty! Where can I go to see them? (laughs) But of course they look very trendy too.

Q: Please tell us the type of woman you like!!
V.I.: Even though I like mature women, but being energetic is the most important. If they gave reactions to people, are hyper and are always smiling and happy then it’s my type. I might end up liking her if she gave a reaction like “it’s delicious” to the food I recommended.

Q: What kind of date would you want with a girl like that?
V.I.: Normal things like watching a movie, eating good food, holding each other’s hands while strolling. If in Japan, then Ginza or Yoyogi Park are places that I like.

Q: What about in Korea?
V.I.: I would recommend Busan in the summer. We would be at the beach in the daytime and then go clubbing at night. If we want a more relaxed environment then it would have to be further away from Seoul. Jeongdongjin and Gangwon-do are pretty good places to go to. When you get off at the Gangwon-do station, the blue sea & beach is just right in front of you.

Q: Having a date with V.I in Korea…..I have to start imagining it now
V.I.: When she is with me, she’ll always be happy (laughs). We’ll go eat good food and I think my jokes are popular 8 out of 10 times. Although 2 of them are failures but that’s because I’m also human. I can’t help it. I would be really gentle to her and won’t get mad at her. But since I am also friendly towards other woman, then it’s impossible for us to be together if she can’t accept that. I’m a celebrity and so I have to be friendly towards everyone, right? (laughs)

Q: Don’t worry, I can stand that (laughs). Such a perfect V.I…do you have any weaknesses?
V.I: Well, should I say it? My sleeping positions are the worst. If she sleeps with me, we might end up on the other side of the bed and that would be quite frustrating (laughs)

Q: I don’t mind that either (laughs). What are you obsessed about these days?
V.I.: Candles and interior decorations. After my schedule is over today, I want to go at all sorts of candles and interior decorations. I’m also obsessed with 5 persons mini soccer game. I heard that many celebrities play that and I hope I get to play with them if given the chance.

Q: Being friendly with everyone is one of V.I’s traits
V.I.: I will tell my jokes to my friends in Japan and see their reactions. If it’s popular, then I will tell that on T.V. shows and in concerts.

Q: I’m also looking forward to new humorous material from you!! Finally, please say a few words to the readers of Blenda.
V.I.: I think summer is 1 of the seasons where you can challenge yourself the most. Please be more confident with the new trends this season and do your best at your job so that you will look charming overall. As for myself, I have to train my body so my muscles are more well defined since it’s summer and it gets too hot…and I always need to take off my clothes.

Q: I think you have enough muscles already…
V.I.: (keeps showing pictures to the editor) This was my body 3 years ago, and now I’m the ojisan (old man) that drinks too much alcohol (laughs). I will continue to train hard since I want to become the sea, the beach…the marine boy! I totally want to enjoy my summer time in Japan!

English Translation:
Source: 叶包子_胜蒂公主控 (Chinese Translation)


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