Seungri donates 100 sacks of rice to his hometown

Seungri impressed the public with his generosity.

The Big Bang member donated 100 sacks of rice to his hometown of the Gwangsan district in Gwangju.

According to Gwangsan district officials on August 23rd, Seungri made the donation through his father on the 20th to a welfare organization “Together Gwangsan”.

Though the group Big Bang has made charitable donations in the past, this was the first time for the youngest member to make a donation under his own name.

Seungri’s father, Lee Yeon-jin commented that with this donation, they hope to participate in more charitable activities every year.

A ceremony to pass on the rice will be held August 24th at 4 PM at the Gwangsan Ward Office. Due to his activities abroad, Seungri will not be present. In his place will be close acquaintance, Im Jong-su, who’s a professor at the Hanryeo University for Police Administrative Studies. The rice will be distributed to senior citizens and others in need.

In the meantime, Seungri is currently promoting in Japan for his solo activities simultaneously while taking part in Big Bang’s around the world.

Source: KBS World


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