Seung-chan’s Diary: This is Korea (120822)

Welcome back Seung-chan! – This is Korea

I’m here! Korea didn’t change at all.^^ The weather is just good, my friends are all well, everyone at the company is working hard making music, and the trainees who are going to debut soon are working hard as well.

It’s good to see everyone doing well. I also went to the dental clinic, the beauty salon which I didn’t have the chance to go to before! It’s not just girls who take care of themselves well, guys do it too! We should work hard to take care of ourselves!

I want to make my skin beautiful as well. I did whitening for my teeth too and they have became prettier ^^ Besides that, (^-^)/ for ‘Aji’, (Seung-chan’s dog toy) who is waiting at the mansion, I went to find friends for him! Here!!

If I raise them together, he’ll feel happy for sure! I will also bring them to Seung-chan’s Fan Event next Monday. Please look forward to meeting them ok. ^___^

Looks like they are shooting for GD’s MV today. I heard that he wants to eat buljokbal so I went to Gangnam and bought for him. I’m about to go there. It’s surprise ok ^^

[Note: Aji is this dog toy Seungri bought in Korea and brought to Japan.]

Translation by 0401rurutic @ Twitter
Photos from VIPchica via DCVI


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