2NE1: “Our Relationship with Big Bang is….”


2NE1 revealed their true relationship with Big Bang, who is under their same management company, YG Entertainment.

Today, 2NE1 was on Facebook Live Chat, at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, California, with select Facebook employees at the studio, and thousands of fans livestreaming worldwide.

During the interview, 2NE1 was asked “What is your relationship with Big Bang?” as the last question of the day.

In response to this, CL said, “We did a collaboration with Big Bang with our first song ‘Lollipop’. Bom has worked together with GD&TOP, I worked with GD. We love working with Big Bang. They are really like brothers.”

She continued, “Sometime people ask who do you like from Big Bang. But, do you like your brother in weird way? We are like a family.”

On related news, 2NE1 recently just finished one in New Jersey last Friday at Prudential Center with 7,000 fans gathered, and will hold another concert in LA on this coming Friday.

Source: kpopstarz


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