[me2DAY] 120820 – 0821 : Dara Updates

120820 :

아시아 그룹으로 처음!전세계에 생중계되는 투애니원의 페이스북 라이브 인터뷰쇼! 저희가 직접 페이스북 미국본사를 방문한답니다~!마크 주커버그님 볼수있을까요?+.+두근두근…한국시각으로는 23일 오전 9시에 약 45분간 생중계 됩니다! 보면서 좋아요~많이 클릭해줘용!^^

Tag: (미국 현지시각으로는 22일 오후 5시 <태평양표준시 PDT>)

The first Asian group (to be interviewed)! 2NE1′s Facebook Live Interview Show will be broadcasted live worldwide! We’ll be visiting the Facebook headqarters in America personally~! Will we be able to see Mark Zuckerberg?+.+ Dugeun dugeun… in Korean time, the broadcast will be happening for about 45 mins at 9am on the 23rd! It’ll be great if you watch it~ Please click on it lots!^^
Tag: (Local time in America 22nd (of August) 5PM)


Source: Dara‘s me2Day

Translated by: nyldeabcd@YGLadies.com

120821 :

아침 6시반! 오늘도 폭풍스케줄이 기다리고 있지만 아침 조깅을 나간 밍끼와 다라! 다라언니의 스피드에 맞춰주겟다며 일부러 느리게 뛰는 밍끼 ㅋㅋㅋ 쫘식~ 마이컷네^___^ 훈훈!!!

6.30am in the morning! Although a storm of schedule awaits today, here’s Mingkki and Dara who went jogging! Mingkki who delibrately slowed down and was bouncing along slowly to match Dara unnie’s speed kekeke Sweet~ maknae^__^ Warm, warm!!!


밍끼따라 몸도 풀어보고 ~ 허드슨 강에서 제대로 뛸준비하는중~ !!! 준비돼에쏘오~?!?

Following Mingkki’s pose Look at the pro ~ Getting ready to jump into the Hudson river~ !!! Are you ready~?!?


처음엔 천천히 뛰어주던 밍끼가..삘을 받고 속도를 내기 시작했다..어느새 거리가 너무 멀어지고 난 조급한 마음에 후후!하하! 호흡법을 하며6.74km를.. 계속 따라 뛰었다@.@결국… 나에겐“운동성 두통”이 찾아왔다!ㅋㅋ오늘의 레슨!“다라가 밍끼따라 가다 두통온다”

Minzy who was bouncing slowly at first.. started to run and increased her speed..and suddenly it felt like the distance between us was too far away (because of) my impatient heart (cries)! Haha! By practicing the breathing technique, for 6.74km.. I continued to follow(Minzy) while bouncing@.@ But eventually… the “Exercise headache”came!keke Today’s lesson! “Headache comes to the Dara who follows Minzy”


하지만 포기하지않고 오늘도 난 달린다!!! 454kcal를 뺏다! ^_^v 여러분들도 포기하지말고 항상 긍정적이게 화이팅하면서 살아가길 바래요!ㅋ 근데 왜 조깅하는 외국인분들이 날 힐끔힐끔 보는걸까.. 어떤분은 내옷이 키보드라며 눌러볼 기세ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

However, today I ran without giving up!!! Lost 454kcal! ^_^v Everyone too please do not give up and always live life ‘fighting’ with a positive spirit!ke But, why did the foreigners look at me strangely while I was jogging.. like they were going to try to press the keyboard keys[T/N: on Dara’s outfit] any minute kekekekeke


Source: Dara’s me2Day 1, 2, 3 & 4


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