Seung-chan’s Diary: Seung-chan in Waratte Ii Tomo (120820)

Seung-chan in Waratte Ii Tomo

Today, I was on Waratte Ii Tomo live! T_T

It was really fun. Why? Before the broadcast started, everyone who appeared on the show were like, “Seung-chan!” and “Long time no see!” to me… Even Sugi-chan is now like my own brother. I’m really happy. I love you. (=´∀`)

And then, Seiji-san and Junior-san of Chihara Brothers from Yoshimoto Shingeki said to me, “Take care of us today too.” T_T

Seiji-san, who just got his jetski license, said “V.I, let’s go and ride a jetski!” to me. Seiji-san is the best!!

Shinohara-chan from AKB told me, “V.I is really good in Japanese!” T_T

In 2 months, I’ve really made so many friends.. And I think they are more than the friends I have in Korea…

And then, Katori Shingo-san from SMAP! I really like your drama, “Flower Shop Without A Rose”, Shingo-san!

I saw him at the dressing room and greeted him, “Senior, please take care of me” and with his warm hands, he shook mine. He is so cool..!

Then, I wanted to take a picture with Watanabe Naomi-san who was wearing red, which I think matched well with my clothes, but I didn’t get an opportunity. . Today, I didn’t get to talk that much with Tamori-san… I want to be liked by him… T_T

Many staff members of Ii Tomo said they read Seung-chan’s Diary everyday! I am happy.. but I am a bit worried..

Why is that.. because now, I have to be more careful with my words..

If I talk about something that can cause fights between the countries, it will be a big problem!

So from now on too, I will write my diary earnestly.. because a lot of people read it, you know^^

I’ve worked hard today too!

Excuse me! Apparently, the meaning of the “V” sign people make when taking pictures is for VICTORY! ^^ I just found that out from today’s Waratte Ii Tomo. Looks like we’re connected to each other.

Good night. o(^▽^)o

(He didn’t upload any photo. Screencaps here.)

Translated by 0401rurutic @ Twitter Via BB-U


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