Psy to bring “Gangnam Style” to the Dodgers Stadium tonight?

It was revealed earlier this month that singer Psy had been contacted by Justin Bieber‘s agency and had planned a visit to the United States to meet the agency’s representatives and spend time with is family residing abroad.

As planned, the singer who is currently receiving world-wide acclamation for his hilarious new track “Gangnam Style“, left for the United States just a few days ago and curiosity has been growing about the whereabouts of the singer and what plans he has in store for the future.

It seems, at least for today, he will be making an appearance at an upcoming baseball match, for he posted on his Twitter,

Bringing  STYLE to the @Dodgers – Giants game this evening!…

It’s not completely whether the singer will be making an appearance at the Dodgers stadium to perform himself or if he’ll be attending as a spectator, but either way, he’s bound to draw in the crowd’s attention!

Source + Image: Psy’s Twitter


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