Seung-chan’s Diary: Part-time job for a day (120820)

Part-time job for a day

Today, I did a part-time job at a sushi restaurant in Tochigi prefecture for a show recording. I always like to eat sushi and through this, I directly experienced how a sushi restaurant works.

I touched the fishes and laid them down. It was my first time to do this kind of work so I tried my best not to disturb others. I became a worker there, taking orders from the customers, serving drinks and more. I also did dish-washing!

After that, I ate curry cooked by the uncle from the restaurant and it was so delicious! After working so hard, as expected, the food we eat become really delicious, right? ^_^ Today, I experienced a lot of good things!!

I have an announcement here! I’ll be on Fuji TV’s Waratte Iitomo tomorrow! It’s going to be my first appearance (on the show) alone! Everyone, please watch tomorrow! I’ll work hard!!

Credits: Marthapido (Translation), VIPchica via DCVI (Photos)


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