G-Dragon thanks fans through a hand-written letter

G-Dragon wrote a letter of thanks to his fans.

G-Dragon’s fan site, GD Supporters, donated $30,000 to child advocacy agencies on Saturday in celebration of the singer’s birthday. Through the project “Moderato”, the fan site has been donating to charity for 4 years now and their total donations have already surpassed $100,000.

To show his appreciation to what the fans have done, G-Dragon sent a handwritten letter. He wrote, “You guys are great. Cool. Pretty. Lovely. Cool. Great job. Cute. Charming. From now on, let’s do a lot of great things. Us. I’m happy because you guys are reassuring. I’m happy.”

$20,000 was sent to Seoul University to treat children with rare diseases and pediatric cancer patients and $10,000 was sent to Alienated Child Abuse Protection Center and Child Sexual Abuse Protection Agency.

Sources: Kpopstarz, Sports Chosun


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