Twitter Update : 2NE1’s Band & Evolution Global Tour Production Team

Hello NY/NJ!We’re here!#2ne1 #evolution

— Eric Racy (@EricJRacy) August 16, 2012


In NYC with the band for rehearsals. Happy to be back with the crew!Can’t wait for the show tomorrow night!#2ne1#evolution #nj

— Eric Racy (@EricJRacy) August 16, 2012


Just finished 2ne1 rehearsals in NYC.See you all tomorrow Blackjacks! #2ne1 #evolution

— Eric Racy (@EricJRacy) August 17, 2012


Source: Eric Racy’s Twitter


I’m super stoked for our first @globalblackjack#2NE1 Evolution Global Tour Show in the USA on Friday at the Prudential Center.

Source : @Daniivory

Just landed. Can’t wait to me my girls! Missed u guys! CL, Minzy, Bom, Dara! Let’s rock!

For the record, I think 2NE1 is going to be HUGE in the US. I hope y’all ready! Get into it NOW!

Check out the sensational Kpop group that I’m Ghetto Rockin’ with all over the World! Havin’ a blast! FBinterview

Source: Divinity Roxx’s Twitter

Show Day! Are you ready for the B.E.S.T.?! 

Doors are opening…let’s go!

Be COOL…The show is gonna be HOTT!!! 

Be COOL…The show is gonna be HOTT!!! 

fan flashmob dance before 2NE1 concert last night …gotta love it!   Rockin

Fan Cam captures 2NE1 HOTT new moves last night in NJ…@YGLadies @WeLoveDara  Rockin

headed to LA now…who’s coming with me?  Show Aug 24th!  Pic from last night’s show @KPOPSTARZ

Source: Divinity Roxx’s Twitter


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