‘K-Pop Star’ Begins Preliminary Rounds for Second Season


The popular SBS program K-Pop Star 2 is preparing to start its second season.

From August 17 to August 19, the preliminary rounds for K-Pop Star 2 will start airing at the indoor gymnasium in Jamsil, Seoul.

In comparison to the first season of the audition show, there are five times as many applicants and the staff of K-Pop Star were pushed to set up more audition booths to accommodate the overwhelming number of participants.

On the first day of auditions on August 17, Lee Ha Yi, Lee Michelle, Lee Jung Mi, Lee Seung Joo and Lee Seung Hoon will visit the arena to cheer on the participants. Park Ji Min and Kim Na Yoon are scheduled to be at the scene on August 18.

K-Pop Star staff stated, “As the numbers have grown exceptionally from the first season, we expected a lot of jewels to be found. The scouting teams from SM, YG, and JYP will be judging will be doing their bests to find the second Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi. We’re really excited to see what kind of contestants we’ll meet this time around.”

K-Pop Star will be holding auditions in USA, England, Australia, and Canada as well in September.

Photo Credit: SBS
Source: enewsworld


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