Big Bang’s Seungri has trouble responding to Taeyang’s text message?

Big Bang‘s Seungri is having a hard time thinking of what to write back to member Taeyang‘s text message.

On August 17th, Seungri shared a screenshot of his text conversation with Taeyang onto his me2dayand wrote, “I sent a text message to Taeyang hyung for the first time in a while. He replied back in English. What should I do? This is tough. What would you guys reply with?

Seungri started the conversation by texting, “Hyung, what are you doing?” But to his surprise, Taeyang had texted him back in English with, “Nothing! How r u?“, leaving Seungri in a sticky situation.

Fans left comments underneath his post with, “Text back in Korean saying ‘I’m fine. Thank you, and you?’“, “Reply back in Japanese“, and “You’re so cute, oppa.”

Source: Seungri’s me2day


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