Psy Performs “Gangnam Style” in the Middle of Gangnam in Front of 2,000 Fans!


Psy began to dance his “Gangnam Style” moves in the middle of Gangnam. As he began to dance his ‘horse-dancing’ moves, 2,000 fans began to gather around him.

Around 7 PM (KST) yesterday, Psy performed his new song, “Gangnam Style” in the middle of the street in Gangnam for a guerrilla performance for SBS ”Inkigayo.”

People began to gather around, flooding the streets of Gangnam. Fans began to scream “Gangnam style” along with Psy as he performed.

Psy commented, “Safety comes first! Everyone please watch out for your safety. I thought it would be fun to perform this song in Gangnam so that is why I am holding this guerrilla concert here.”

During the ‘horse-riding’ move, the audience danced with Psy all together. Foreigners were also seen dancing in the crowd as well.

One citizen commented, “Seeing him only in the music video and then suddenly seeing him in person was really surprising. I was able to really see his popularity.”

After his surprise “Gangnam style” performance, he continued to sing other songs such as “Celebrity” and “We are the One.”

During his last song, rain began to fall from the sky. This made the performance even more fun as everyone got drenched while dancing to his songs.

Psy has been receiving much love and support not only in Korea, but also overseas in many other countries. His new song, “Gangnam Style” has been featured on CNN, ABC, WSJ and other foreign country tv programs.

Recently, he has announced that he will be flying to L.A to meet with Justin Bieber’s agency.

Source: kpopstarz


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